Agent Portal Terms and Conditions


Agent Portal Terms and Conditions


Despite the fact that we have made this rewards program user-friendly and given you, the travel agent, a personal way to monitor your profits the following Terms and Conditions applies.
In terms of this promotion, Green Perks is equal to real money (South African Rands).
The conditions for obtaining Green Perks for yourself as well as additional details on the rewards program are included below.
Only reservations made using one of the discretionary rate promotion codes provided by Kenings and Green Motion will be eligible for Green Perks.
Green Perks will not be awarded for any rental that cannot be closed due to accident damage, contract violations, payment or account issues, etc., until all outstanding issues have been dealt with.

Kenings and Green Motion reserves the right to:

  • Change the Rates, Promotion codes and Green Perks values without prior notice.
  • Change the Terms & Conditions without prior notice

Payment Amounts for Green Perks 

Effective 1 November 2023: 

  • R50 per rental, for 1 – 3 day bookings

  • R70 per rental, for 4 – 14 day bookings

  • R80 per rental, for 15 – 29 day bookings

  • R90 per rental, for 30+ day bookings

Please note that the amount displayed is the amount you will receive in your bank account for every qualifying reservation!

Payout will only be made on a minimum amount of R100 or more. If less than a R100 it will accumulate. Green Perks amounts per rental is only payable when it does not exceed the T&K revenue for the rental.

There are several exclusions to the Green Perks rewards program, including corporate corporate and promotional offers.
The following guidelines will apply if the rental does not entirely match the reservation in order to receive Green Perks:

Promotion codes
The rental will be honored in accordance with the Promotion Code used at reservation time if a reservation was made with one of the qualifying Promotion Codes and the Promotion Code was changed to another Promotion Code at the rental stage that also qualifies.

The reservation will not be honored in the event of cancellations, and no Green Perks will be given out.

No-shows won’t have their reservations honored, and no Green Perks will be paid out.

Reservation alterations
The validity of a reservation or the distribution of Green Perks will not be impacted by the following changes:

  • Driver and/or name changes
  • Modifications to the rental date
  • Duration of the lease
  • The method of payment
  • Additions, such as child seats, etc.
  • Delivery fees

Payment of Green Perks
Only travel agents who completed the registration process and entered all necessary information will be paid.
Your Green Perks account will receive a credit if a credit is passed and the rental invoice is modified to a different rate (promotion code) after Green Perks has been paid.
Only when the T&K revenue for the rental is less than the Green Perks per rental are they payable.

SARS Compliance
As a result, all funds deposited into your bank account for Pay As You Earn will have a 25% deduction made. No money from this twenty-five percent goes to Kenings and Green Motion. All of these funds will be sent to SARS together with your Pay As You Earn information.

The travel agent guarantees that all information provided, including crucial details like identity number, bank account number, and tax number, is accurate and indemnifies Kenings and Green Motion against any information loss. In the event that the travel agent acts based on inaccurate information, Kenings and Green Motion will not be held liable.


Your personal information won’t be given to anyone or any firm other than Kenings and Green Motion employees who are involved in the Green Perks rewards program because.

Spending your money

The use, misuse, or loss of any funds paid by Kenings and Green Motion to the travel agent shall not subject Kenings and Green Motion to any liability.