Mthatha Scenic Landscapes

Mthatha is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and natural attractions, offering opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration.


Eastern Cape Wild Coast

Mthatha serves as a gateway to the Eastern Cape Wild Coast, a rugged and pristine stretch of coastline characterized by dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and rolling hills. Visitors can embark on hikes, horseback rides, and cultural tours to discover the area’s natural beauty and traditional Xhosa villages.


Hiking and Nature Reserves

Explore the lush forests, rivers, and mountains of the Eastern Cape by hiking in nearby nature reserves such as the Hluleka Nature Reserve and the Silaka Nature Reserve. These reserves offer hiking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and picnic spots surrounded by scenic vistas.


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Mthatha’s Historical Significance

Mthatha, also known as the “Cradle of South African Culture,” is steeped in history and cultural significance, with deep ties to the Xhosa people and the struggle against apartheid.


Nelson Mandela Museum

Mthatha is the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, one of the most revered figures in South African history. The Nelson Mandela Museum, located in the Bhunga Building, showcases his life and legacy through exhibitions, artifacts, and multimedia displays.


Just outside of Mthatha lies the village of Qunu, where Nelson Mandela spent his childhood and later retired. Visitors can explore Mandela’s former home, as well as other sites associated with his life and family.

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Eastern Cape Nature Attractions

South Africa’s Eastern Cape province is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and varied wildlife. The top nature reserves in the Eastern Cape that you can tour in a rental car are as follows:


One of South Africa’s biggest national parks, Addo Elephant National Park is close to Port Elizabeth and is home to around 600 elephants. It also provides reports of sightings of other creatures, including lions, zebras, buffalo, and many kinds of antelope.


Mountain Zebra National Park, located close to Cradock, is well-known for its conservation initiatives aimed at the critically endangered Cape Mountain zebra. The park is home to several wildlife species, including cheetahs, black rhinos, and more than 200 different bird species. It also has stunning scenery, including rolling hills and steep mountains.

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Tsitsikamma National Park, a coastal reserve on the Garden Route, is well-known for its lush woods, impressive cliffs, and the Storms River Mouth. In addition to a variety of hiking routes and suspension bridges, the park also provides opportunities for kayaking, snorkelling, and forest canopy excursions.


Hluleka Nature Reserve is a hidden gem with pristine beaches, craggy coastal cliffs, and indigenous forests. It is located on the Wild Coast. It’s a great place to go hiking, fishing, and bird viewing. Additionally, the reserve offers self-catering lodging choices.

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Karoo National Park, which is close to Beaufort West, displays the distinctive semi-desert landscapes of the Karoo region. Black rhinos, Cape mountain zebras, springboks, and stunning starry evenings are just a few of the many mammal species that may be seen in the park.


Mkhambathi Nature Reserve, which is located on the Wild Coast, is distinguished by its breathtaking beaches, waterfalls, and towering cliffs. It provides hiking routes, possibilities for birdwatching, and the chance to witness wildlife like zebra, wildebeest, and many species of antelope.

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Shamwari Wildlife Reserve, a private reserve close to Port Elizabeth, is well-known for its opulent lodges and outstanding chances for wildlife viewing. Along with many other wildlife species, it is home to the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and buffalo).


This rough and inaccessible reserve, which is located in the Baviaanskloof Mountains, offers stunning mountain scenery, deep gorges, and unspoiled wilderness. It is a World Heritage Site that offers camping, 4×4 trails, hiking, and birdwatching activities.


Dwesa Nature Reserve is a coastal reserve with a variety of ecosystems, including clean beaches, rivers, and dense forests. It can be found on the Wild Coast. It provides a chance to witness wildlife like monkeys, antelope, and hippos as well as marine life, birds, and other animals.


The Great Fish River Reserve, close to Grahamstown, is renowned for its stunning river basins, undulating hills, and diverse wildlife. In addition to game drives, birdwatching, and camping are available for visitors to this beautiful reserve.


Amakhala Game Reserve in the Greater Addo region provides a genuine safari experience with a variety of species, including the Big Five. It offers a range of lodging options and pursuits like river cruises, bush hikes, and wildlife drives.


This coastal reserve, which is close to Port Elizabeth, is well-known for its beautiful beaches, rocky shorelines, and coastal fynbos. It’s a terrific location for birdwatching, hiking trails, and taking in the local natural splendour.

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Nelson Mandela Museum

Learn more about the life of the renowned statesman Nelson Mandela by taking a tour of the museum. Admired and adored throughout the world for his creativity and originality. Nelson Mandela had the idea to open the museum in 2000 for the benefit of the residents of Mthatha.

Bird’s Nest Hike

The most breathtaking view of the town can be found in an indigenous woodland next to Second Beach. Wander through the forest, take in the scenery, and then ascend to the airfield. There are many lodging options nearby so you can take in the splendour of the natural world.

Second Beach

Swim in the waves at Port St. Johns second beach to rejuvenate yourself. Play volleyball on the beach or go for a run. Choose The Gap and Blowhole, which are close to the shore. It is a well-liked destination for travellers.

Coffee Bay Beach

The Nenga River, which flows freely, forms the beginning of Coffee Bay Beach, which is surrounded by cliff walls and green slopes. The beach is lovely for those nighttime strolls because it is calm and clean. You can go on a hiking trail through it and ride horses along the shore.

Mdumbi River Kayak

If one wants to experience the splendour of the oceanic gorgeous vistas that South African country has in store for guests, the Mdumbi River Kayak is the best option. The kayaking track is surrounded by an overpowering family of fauna as they direct the path toward the destination, along with various breathtaking maritime landscapes.

Hluleka nature reserve

The Hluleka nature reserve is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. There are paved footpaths that are good for walking. You can discover complete relaxation by travelling through the lovely fragrant ebony trees, the rocky shoreline, and the sandy beaches.