Rental Guide


Rental Guide


Deciding on which vehicle to hire is not as straightforward as it may seem at first, there is quite a bit to think about if you are going to go with the choice that will keep all your bases covered.

This choice will change depending on numerous factors, not limited to what you will use the vehicle for, the duration you will rent it for, fuel consumption, comfort, and a host of factors, including your budget.

So, to help you make the best possible choice, one that brings comfort, value, and practicality, here is a quick breakdown of what to think about in our vehicle hiring guide.

You don’t always get the luxury of planning when hiring a car, such is the case when your current vehicle needs repairs at short notice, or you need a temporary solution.

But where car hire is part of a travel plan, you likely have weeks ahead of you to get everything in order.

Start considering your options early on and think about what you expect from the vehicle in terms of comfort, space, performance, or any optional extras.

The more time you spend planning things out, the more likely you are to get exactly what you expect from your rental choice.


A tip you won’t often find in typical vehicle hiring guides is to look out for one-way fees. This applies particularly to those renting vehicles, driving them to another location, and dropping them off at depots over there.

Different rental companies will charge different rates or this fee, some will opt to not charge it at all. So, this is something that needs to be compared when making your decision.


Snag lists are everything in the world of rentals, no matter what asset is being leased. Naturally, you will want to keep an eye out for a rental vehicle that has as little damage as possible, you want something dependable, maybe even stylish.

But before driving off or signing anything, be thorough in your inspection of the vehicle’s condition, right down to the finest scratches and dings.

Take note of them and take time-stamped photos if you can.

After that, maintaining the condition of the vehicle while it is in your hands, is entirely your responsibility, while any pre-existing damage will not be.


Optional extras can be an enticing part of any rental deal, and in many cases, they are practical points of added value for you… if you need them.

Think about which offered extras add to the experience and whether they are necessary for what you need the vehicle for in the first place.

Optional extras like the ones we offer at Kenings Car Van & Truck Hire may include mobile Wi-Fi, a river, GPS, child safety seats, a roof, bicycle racks, and more.

While all these extras have their place in certain instances, they might not always be a necessity, so be sure that the ones you pick (if any at all) match what you will be using the vehicle for.


If you would like to know more about what to expect when renting a vehicle from Kenings Car Van & Truck Hire, be sure to visit our website to view our vehicle hiring guide and learn more.

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Age Limit Requirements for Booking a Vehicle with Us

What will I need to make the reservation and when collecting my vehicle?

International Visitors

How do I pay for my vehicle?

Age Limit Requirements for Booking a Vehicle with Us

What will I need to make the reservation and when collecting my vehicle?

International Visitors

How do I pay for my vehicle?