Long Term Rental


Long Term Rental

Benefit from our long-term car hire deals and drive with comfort. We have a rental choice that’s right for you. Send your long-term rental needs to us and we will personalise your quote. Have flexibility with Kenings.

Long-term car rentals are significantly less expensive than daily rentals using a cost-per-day methodology. In contrast to our daily rentals, where there is no minimum rental period to commit to and you can return the car at any time, our monthly rentals require a minimum commitment of one month. Therefore, the effective daily rate for long-term renting is lower. Rent on a budget with Kenings.

Kenings Car Van and Truck Hire Long-Term Offer Terms and conditions:

  • The long-term rental product offered by Kenings Car Van and Truck Hire is available for reservations made at www.kenings.co.za, in-branch, or through our contact centre. All available vehicle groups are eligible for this offering.
  • Any rentals longer than 30 days are long-term rentals. There are no maximum days for a long-term rental with Kenings.
  • Long-term rentals are available at the following branches, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and Mthatha.
  • Personal Long-term rental payments are made with credit cards, opening an account or EFT with proof of payment.
  • New corporate long-term rental clients must complete the credit application when renting a vehicle for a period longer than 30 days.
  • Standard cross-border terms and fees apply; however, the rental car must be returned to a branch of a South African rental company.
  • Clients must make the vehicle available for vehicle services as well as any maintenance to the vehicle.
  • Clients are required to send the km reading at the end of each month for Kenings to track when services are due.

Enquire now to rent a vehicle on a long-term with Kenings

The Benefits of Choosing a Long-Term Car Rental

Choosing a long-term car rental can offer several benefits, including:

Cost Savings

Long-term car rentals can be significantly less expensive than short-term rentals. Kenings offer long-term car rental solutions that will suit all your needs at a personalised rate.


You don’t have to worry about returning the car after a few days, with Kenings’ long-term rental options. The car may be kept for as long as you need it, making it an ideal solution for long getaways or business travel.

Corporate Account

You will have a direct line of contact with your assigned account manager and priority support. Kenings will assist you with customized pricing options to meet your requirements and financial costs.


Long-term rentals offer flexibility in terms of the type of car you choose and the rental period. Kenings are here for you in the long term, we have a wide range of vehicles at personalised rates.