Top 3 tips to travel on a budget with Kenings

Book in Advance

Booking your vehicle in advance with Kenings may save you money on your journey as last-minute bookings may be more expensive.

Book your vehicle before the prices increase. Last-minute bookings are often completed in a rush. This may lead you to not read through your terms and conditions and additional fees that may occur. Booking your car in advance also allows you to read all the details about the car to ensure that you are booking the perfect car for your journey to suit all your needs.

When we know when and where you will need a vehicle, then we can plan and prep our fleet accordingly, so we can ensure to meet all your requirements for your rental car.

Purchase a Super Cover Insurance

This is one of the crucial tips to travel on a budget. Super Cover Insurance may seem like an additional expense.

However, it is best to view it as an investment that can help you save money during emergencies. Although your daily rate will increase your insurance liability will decrease. During the trip, something unfortunate can happen. For example, your vehicle gets damaged or stolen.

You will then be liable for the maximum of your insurance coverage and will Super Cover Insurance your liability will be less which saves you money that you were unexpected to spend.

Stay informed about offers and special discounts

Being on the lookout for offers and special discounts can help you save big money on your journey. Kenings often have discounted rates and communicate them on all platforms to their customers.

If you follow Kenings on social media and subscribe to their weekly newsletters you will always be updated on discounted rates to save you money for your journey.  

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