Benefits of hiring a smaller vehicle with Kenings

Easy to park.

Are you an international tourist visiting South Africa and are unfamiliar with the South African roads and parking bays? Then Kenings is your answer, we have a wide variety of smaller vehicles that meet your requirements.

A smaller vehicle will allow you to drive more comfortably on South African roadways and will make parking easier.

When you are exploring the scenic locations in South Africa you might have to park in tight spaces or drive through narrow roads, hiring one of Kenings’ smaller vehicles will allow your driving experience to be stress-free and convenient.


When you are traveling to South Africa, traveling on a budget can be made possible with Kenings. Our smaller vehicles are reliable, affordable, and will suit all your requirements. Whether you need boot space or roof racks we will be able to assist you.

We have a variety of small and compact vehicles including Hyundai i10s, Volkswagen Polos, Sedans mini SUVs such as Hyundai Venues, and Toyota Urban Cruisers that will suit your budget.


Kenings offer smaller cars that longer lack the features seen in luxury vehicles. One of the advantages of Kenings’ small cars nowadays is that they are updated with the latest technology with modest interior and exterior features. You will drive in style with Kenings at a reasonable price.

Fuel efficiency

Kenings have a wide variety of the newest model small vehicles that are light on fuel and will be able to save you money on your journey.

When we drive cars that are less fuel-efficient, we may not notice the difference at first, but it has a significant impact on the environment over time. That is why driving a fuel-efficient car is better for the environment because it minimizes carbon emissions and saves our planet.


Mthatha Scenic Landscapes

Mthatha serves as a gateway to the Eastern Cape Wild Coast, a rugged and pristine stretch of coastline characterized by dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and rolling hills.

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We specialize in vehicle rental services and make it easy for you to book online and hire vehicles from several locations.

Our vehicle rental services include cars, vans, trucks, and even an Executive bus, depending on your needs. Each of our vehicles is in excellent condition, and ensures safety, and comfort, marking us as a leading provider of vehicle rentals across South Africa.

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