Tips to avoid accidents on the road

The safety of other road users should always be a priority for drivers. After all, it is your duty as a driver to contribute to maintaining the safety of the roads for you, other motorists, passengers, and anyone else who might be impacted by traffic incidents.

  1. Remain cautious – While driving, actively monitor your own behaviour as well as that of other motorists.
  2. Don’t Assume – Don’t fall into the trap of assuming what other drivers will do or what you think they should do.
  3. Use turn signals – While you can’t always rely on other road users to indicate their intentions, you can control whether they have reasonable expectations of your behaviour. Prior to changing lanes or making a turn, you must always use your turn signals.
  4. Buckle Up – A crucial safety tip for drivers is to always buckle up. In addition to increasing the risk of injury in an accident, not using a seat belt can result in traffic fines.
  5. Adhere to Traffic Signals – Pay strict attention to and comply with traffic lights and stop signs.
  6. Respect Yellow Lights – Keep in mind that a yellow light serves as a warning to motorists to slow down and get ready to stop. It is not advised to use a yellow traffic light as a signal to accelerate through a junction before the light turns red.
  7. Comply with Speed Limits – It’s crucial to drive just within the posted speed limit. The limitations imposed on vehicle speed are not chosen at random. Instead, they are deliberately chosen to maximize safety for motorists and people inside the homes, places of business, and other establishments near the locations of the routes.
  8. Before you start your journey, map out your route so that you won’t be scrambling to find your destination while driving a motorized vehicle.
  9. Eliminate Distractions – Texting while driving isn’t the only distracting activity that should be avoided. You should be careful to prevent distractions while driving, such as changing CDs, using a cell phone, eating, and communicating with other passengers.
  10. Use Headlights When Necessary – Headlights are useful throughout the day as well as at night. Turning on your headlights can help keep you and others around you safe on the road whether you are driving in rain or thick mist.

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