Top 5 safety tips when travelling in South Africa

Avoid driving at night.

Robberies and hold-ups are more likely to occur at night. There is a greater chance of seeing wild animals on the road at sunrise and sunset because they are more active at those times.

While driving, keep your windows up and your doors locked.

This is crucial if you’re travelling through the towns or cities near the big urban area. Leaving a tiny opening at the top of your window is safer.

It is simpler to break the window if it is completely closed. Spark plugs are frequently used by attackers to smash windows, which is a common method of doing so. The air gap in the glass, however, helps in keeping it from shattering.

If you notice an accident, keep going.

Drive on and phone or stop at the closest store or café to report the occurrence, even though it sounds contradictory to what you would do in your native country. Accidents are frequently staged by hijackers or thieves to urge you to stop.




Do not speak to anyone who may be at a crossing by opening your window.

At intersections, hawkers, window cleaners, and other people might approach your car. Maintain eye contact while shaking heads formally and firmly. They might search your car’s interior for valuables in the back if you don’t maintain eye contact.

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Avoid leaving pricey stuff in your car, or at least keep them hidden.

 Unless absolutely necessary, avoid leaving pricey stuff in your car. Our car serves as our home, therefore we always have all of our equipment with us. If you do need such items with you, make sure they are safely locked up or, at the very least, out of sight.

Make sure all access points and storage areas are locked if you are in a camper of any kind. To serve as a secondary deterrent, if at all possible, secure any storage cabinets with outdoor access with a padlock.


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